Castle Island Celebrates First Anniversary with ONE Imperial Stout

    NORWOOD, MASS. – A year after opening for business, Castle Island Brewing Company is releasing ONE, the brewery’s first imperial stout, to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

    A traditional Russian Imperial Stout, ONE clocks in at 11.5% alcohol by volume, and is the strongest beer the brewery has made to-date, according to Head Brewer, Matt DeLuca.

    “We wanted to do something big to celebrate our first year,” said DeLuca, “and ONE is just that. We pushed our equipment to the limits with this beer. Honestly, we weren’t even sure if we were going to be able to pull it off until we actually brewed it.”

    ONE will only be available at Castle Island’s Norwood brewery beginning Tuesday, December 13, and will be sold in single 16 ounce cans. A limited number of kegs will also be distributed to the market at a later date.
    This also marks the beginning of the Company’s barrel-aging program. The growing popularity of barrel-aged beer has made it an ongoing request from Castle Island’s customers, and the brewery has selected ONE to kick off the new effort.

    “We’ve always wanted to dabble in barrel aging, but we couldn’t find time or the right beer to start it up over the last year,” added Founder, Adam Romanow. “ONE is the perfect candidate for a brief rest in bourbon barrels, so we’re excited to finally launch our barrel program.”

    The Company plans to expand its use of barrel aging in the future, but only plans to produce “clean” beers, or beers made only with traditional brewers’ yeast. The alternative, sour or “wild” beer, is typically made with mixed yeast and bacteria cultures and can create a challenge for brewers trying to avoid cross contamination. Because of that, Castle Island does not have any immediate plans for barrel-aged sour beers.

    Castle Island opened its doors to the public on December 11 last year, and experienced swift and significant growth in the Massachusetts market. The Company’s beers are found at bars, liquor stores, and restaurants throughout the Eastern and Central parts of the State, and the brewery has shipped beer to over 1,000 accounts since January.

    Located off Route 1, at 31 Astor Ave. in Norwood, Mass., Castle Island is currently operating on limited visiting hours. The brewery is open to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 12:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., and Thursdays through Saturdays from 12:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

    For additional information about the brewery and for an updated list of retail locations where Castle Island beers can be found, please visit the company’s website (castleislandbeer.com) and Facebook page (facebook.com/castleislandbeer). Email contact@castleislandbeer.com or call 781.951.2029 with any other questions.

    Castle Island Brewing:
    Castle Island is dedicated to crafting the highest quality beer with purpose and without pretense. With a focus on American ales, we make offerings that are both unique and approachable. Our singular goal is to brew distinctive beers that honor proven traditions and celebrate fresh ideas.

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  2. Richard Varano took a different path when he started Hidden Cove Brewing Co. Several years ago Richard was interviewing one of his daughter’s friends for a chef position at one of his restaurants. What was served at the interview would change Richard’s life. The chef brought some of his home brewed beer to the interview. Richard thought the beer was good and Richard and his daughter’s friend thought they could add a brewery to one of the restaurants. Richard didn’t know it at the time but this interview was the birth of Hidden Cove Brewing Company. After some early up and downs (that most new breweries incur) and finding a head brewer, Kevin Glessing, who was a life changer to Richard and Hidden Cove. Several weeks ago I was able to interview Richard and learn more about Hidden Cove Brewing Company.

    Richard how did you get in the craft beer business?

    Really by accident. A friend of my daughters from chef school whom lived in Texas was working at a hunting camp that was pretty isolated and he was married and had a child. He wanted to get out of that and get back to working in restaurants. My daughter told me about it and we talked about him being a chef at my restaurant so I flew down to Dallas to meet him and he brought some beer that he brewed and it was pretty good. We talked about maybe about adding a brewery and maybe adding onto it. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know we are buying a 15 barrel system. As it turned out he was over his head as he was just a home brewer so he is long gone and I am sitting here with a brewery. My wife and I own the brewery but we found an awesome guy and it was a game changer for us. Up until then we really couldn’t brew a consistent beer. We had a lot of issues, we thought we had made a bad mistake and contemplated selling everything. We lucked out one day when a top notch brewer walked into the door and applied for the job.

    Richard along with owning Hidden Cove Brewing Company you also own several restaurants. Which is more difficult starting?

    They both create their own set of problems. But I think a restaurant is probably harder because you need a lot more quality employees to run a restaurant. Especially because we are seasonal so we go from 35 employees at the seafood restaurant to 75 employees in season and at the Italian restaurant we go from 22 in the winter to about 38 in the summer. Every year with the restaurants you gear up and you gear down, however at the brewery at every two levels above us you don’t need that many people to run the brewery. At the level that I am at the brewery is easier to run then the restaurants.

    How did you come up with the name Hidden Cove Brewing Company?

    We originally started out as Captain Dicks under the old brewer. When we relaunched with the new brewer I wanted to stay with a nautical theme. The reason why I picked Hidden Cove was because in my opinion it could be anyone’s back yard brewery. Up and down the coast there is a hidden cove in every river, every lake, on every coast. Seeing it on a menu you would think it was a local beer.

    Hidden Cove Brewing Beer is available in four states Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island do you have any plans to expand distribution to any
    other state?

    Not at this time, because I don’t have enough capacity. It is on the radar next year to look at expanding the brewery. Once we expand the brewery and as the business grows we will think about it, but it’s nothing we are thinking about doing in the next 6 months or a year. We will take it as it comes to us.

    What is the most popular beer that you brew?

    Patron is our flagship beer which is our most popular. Patron means Captain and Patron is our Captain.

    The craft beer industry has been expanding rapidly for the last 10 plus years. Do you think the industry can sustain this rapid growth?

    Absolutely! Let me give a couple of examples. They talk about all of these breweries. At my Italian restaurant we make pastries however that doesn’t make us a bakery. A lot of breweries are nano breweries or the brewery makes the beer for the restaurant. They make it sound like there are all of these big breweries. Some small breweries might only be in one part of a state or their town. The figures are a little misleading as I also look at the town of Wells Maine it has a population of 10,000. We have 54 eating establishments so if you have a great restaurant you will do great. If you have a good restaurant you will do good. If you have a fair restaurant you will do fair. If you do poorly you will be out of business and some people be buying inventory at discount. I see that in the craft beer industry. Not everyone is trying to be the next Allagash or Shipyard or Lagunitas or continue to go down the line at all the good boys. A lot of them are just going to be in their state and make a good living and the people that own them will be happy with that. Some people are going to be a little bit more aggressive. It’s the matter of having a really good product and getting it in front of people. If your people like it you are going to sell a lot of beer. Look at the vodka or the rum industry. Look how many flavors there are now. Young kids now want different flavors and variety. There is always going to be room. There is always going to be room for another great beer. We have ways to go before we run out of steam.

    Richard if you could be on any show in the last 20 years what show would you be on?

    Would like to be in a Clint Eastwood Movie.

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  3. We are back with the series of "What Does it Cost to Drink at Your Area Sporting Events." If you have followed the blog you will know that I written on this topic three times previously. I had written twice regarding the cost to drink at MetLife Stadium (home of the NY Giants and NY Jets). At MetLife a domestic Macro beer will cost you $10 and a premium/craft beer will cost you $12. All and all it is pretty expensive to imbibe at a football game. Next our series visited TD Garden (home of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics). At the Garden it will cost you about $11 for a beer. Recently my brother in-law Chris and I were able to go to the Red Sox game. It was my first Red Sox game in about 4 years. While at the game I thought it would be great to continue the series and inform you the reader on “What Does it Cost to Drink at Fenway Park”.

    Chris and I got into the game right after the first pitch. We entered Fenway Park several gates away from where our seats were located so we had to walk a bit. I was impressed
    with the amount of beer stands I immediately saw available. It seemed like every 10-20 feet there was another beer stand. What I also quickly noticed was the price of a Bud Light Draft (16oz) was $9.25, a Goose Island draft (16oz) was $9.75 and a craft beer (16oz) can and a hard cider in a can was $9.50. Before we got to our seats we decided to stop and get a few beers. With these prices I started to go with two Bud Light drafts. Chris went with one Bud Light draft. Is it just me or do other people think they should put covers on those over priced beers and maybe offer you a carrier? Just saying, whenever you go to Dunkin Donuts and get a few coffees for the office they always ask you if you want a holder/carrier but a beverage that is three times more the amount gets nothing?! Anyways, by the time we reached our seats and I had a sip or two of my very pricey Bud Light the Sox were down by 3 to the Royals. It wasn’t a good start to our night… the Sox were hurting and so was my wallet. What I noticed is that at Fenway the beer vendors are out and about, you don’t need to leave your seat to get a beer which is always good. The beer vendors were walking around my area with Bud Light, Miller Lite, Narraganset for the price of $9.50 and $9.75.

    By the 4th inning I needed to eat something so I stayed in my seat and flagged down a vendor for a $7.75 Fenway Frank. After eating a $7.75 hotdog you need to wash it down with another Bud Light. By this time the Sox were down 5-1 to the Royals. In the 6th inning I decided to get one more beer so I decided I would get one more beer but wanted something different so I went for a little walk. I was surprised to find beer stands serving several macro imports and craft beers. I found Harpoon beers, Heineken, Corona and Blue Moon all in 16oz cans for $9.75. Green Monster IPA, Smuttynose IPA for $9.50 in smaller 12oz cans. Also, Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Light and Coors Light for $8. I am thinking the $8 Bud is a lot smaller then the Bud Light draft I was drinking before. I decided to go with a Harpoon Hoppy IPA 16oz. I did also see a fan sitting near Chris and I with a Jack Abby beer. However, I didn’t see any Jack’s Abby in my general area but maybe I was not looking that hard.
    Unfortunately the Red Sox lost the game against the Royals, but we had a great time and got to see David Ortiz one last time at Fenway Park before his retirement.


    You have a variety of beer, wine and hard cider options for your drinking pleasure at Fenway Park. I was surprised of the variety of beers that they were selling. It doesn’t matter if you are a craft beer drinker or a fan of one of the big 3, you will be able to find a beer drink at Fenway while watching the Red Sox. Another plus was the many areas where you could get a beer or two. Where we were sitting we had 4-5 stands that had sold beer. Also the vendors were walking around our section yelling “beers here!” which I really liked as I felt that you don’t always see that other stadiums. A negative was the price of the beer being offered. No beer was cheaper then $8 and most beers were priced between $9.50 and $9.75. If you buy 4 beers during the game you are spending between $38-$39. My final rating for beer selection and pricing at Fenway Park is 3.5 out 5. You had plenty of varieties of beers to choose from and many locations to buy it without having to stand in a long line and miss too much of the game. The prices were the best I have seen at a sporting event in a while and the best that I have seen at sporting event in Boston.


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  4. The craft beer scene is expanding at a rapid rate over the last 10 plus years. With the industry growing at a rapid rate, industries that support the craft beer industry are also growing. One of the areas that are growing is the craft beer tour industry. At Journey to the Beer Store we like going on beer tours, especially beer tours where you can sit back, relax and have someone else drive you around. That is why we were excited when we learned that a new company called CT Beer Tours was going to be touring Connecticut breweries. We sat down with Michelle who is one of CT Beer Tours Co-owners to learn more about CT Beer Tours and see how we can get ourselves on a tour the next time we are in CT.

    Michelle why did you want to start CT beer tours?
    Connecticut Beer Tours is a partnership between my cousin John Savage, my cousin Ashley's husband Jared Yager and myself. About three years ago we went on a trip to Vermont and did a beer tour trip. We asked ourselves "why isn't there one in Connecticut." If was a brief conversation, but as months followed, we continued to go to different beer events and the question kept popping up until one day I said..."guys let's do this!"
    Michelle you are still in the planning stages, when will you be up and running?
    My background is in Marketing. I have owned a marketing company since 2009 so planning was a big thing for me. We incorporated the business in November of last year & immediately started branding the company and meeting with local craft breweries & distilleries to see if our idea could become a reality. We are done with planning and just waiting for logistics to be complete - finalizing our tour schedule, vehicle purchase, insurance, getting passenger endorsements on our licenses & legal waivers and business operating agreement.
    You started a Kickstarter page to help you start CT Beer Tours. How is the Kickstarter campaign going?
    Kickstarter was a success. We reached our $5k goal within 15 days. The campaign ended last week with us raising a little over $8k.

    What days will the CT Beer Tours run and how long will a tour be?
    Our tours will run Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun - the main tours will be Sat/Sun which include 3 beer or distillery stops and a 4th stop will be food. Cost will be all inclusive (transportation, food, samples). We are currently finalizing our tour schedule to be posted on the website within the next few weeks.

    What breweries will you be visiting on a tour?
    We have hit majority of the market in Connecticut & parts of RI to include: Back East Brewing, Cottrell, Olde Burnside, Relic, Beer'd, Thomas Hooker, Shebeen, Cold Creek Brewing, Broad Brook, Firefly, Top Shelf, Outer Light, Powder Hollow, Stony Creek, DuVig, Thimble, Grey Sail, Overshores, Stubborn Beauty, Still Hill, These Guys Brewing, Brass City Beer Works, Forest City, 30 Mile Brewing (and as the list grows we will be adding more).
    We are also including spirits. CT is in the ground works of starting a spirit trail which we are going to happily be a part of. So far that list consists of Hartford Flavor, Litchfield Distillery, Onyx and Waypoint Spirits.

    Michelle, if you could have a dream six pack of beer only from Connecticut what six beers would be in your six pack?
    Tough question - the more I get into this business and the more beer and spirits I try I find my taste-buds and preferences change a lot. I'd say right now my favorites are Tripel Brun from Overshores, Minnie Winnie from Cold Creek Brewing, Sluggy Buggy Oatmeal Stout on Nitro at Still Hill, Duvig's Cream Ale, Fuzzy Baby Ducks at New England Brewing & Firefly's Toadstool.

    Michelle, beercations have been coming more and more popular in the last several years. If you could go on a beercation anywhere where would you go and why?
    Ideally I'd love to travel the US for a year hitting the monuments and best breweries and filming the entire experience...but for now, I'd say Colorado. Last I checked I read somewhere saying they have over 175 breweries right now.


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  5. Tonight's review is of Kelsen Brewing Company Paradigm Brown Ale. Kelsen Brewing Company is located in Derry New Hampshire. Kelsen Brewing Company has a tap room at the brewery that is open from Thursday to Sunday, check out the brewery website for times. Paradigm Brown Ale is an American Brown Ale Style of beer and is 7.0% ABV. Paradigm Brown Ale is available year round. I love this beer label it looks like the guy on the label should be in a medieval movie. All of Kelsen beer labels have the same theme to them.

    Kelesen Paradigm Brown Ale pours a dark brown color with a light tan head that never really dissipated and left a nice amount of lacing on the side of the glass. Aroma is toasty, chocolate, coffee, malts and fruit. Taste is full of chocolate, toasty coffee and citrus hops. I really liked Paradigm and it was one of the best brown ales that I have had in awhile. If you like Brown Ales then you will like Paradigm.  


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  6. It's been awhile since I posted a review I thought this would be a good beer to write a review on as my newest review. GIGANTIC BREWING COMPANY is located in Portland Oregon. GIGANTIC BREWING has a tap room that is open daily check out the brewery website for more details. Ginormous Imperial IPA is an American Double IPA/Imperial IPA style of beer. Ginormous Imperial IPA is 8.8% ABV and is 100 plus IBU. The beer label is great for this beer, the beer label was designed by Rob Reger. You can find Ginormous Imperial IPA in about 5-7 states I found this bottle in Massachusetts.

    GINORMOUS IMPERIAL IPA pours a hazy amber color with a off white thin head that dissipated quickly. The head left a nice amount of lacing on the side of the glass. GINORMOUS has a nice grapefruit hoppy aroma. Other aroma that I got was of a little hay, fruit and citrus. Taste is hoppy, caramel, tropical fruits and citrus. This is a good beer I really liked it. I would get and drink this beer again.

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  7. In a couple of days, the Nation's birthday will be here. July 4th is a time when everyone stops what they are doing for the day to spend time with family and friends, eat some great food, and go to the beach, the lake or the pool. One essential part of most everyone's July 4th celebration (besides the fireworks) is some great beer. At Journey to the Beer Store we wanted to help you make that hard decision on what beer to bring to that next July 4th party. Let’s face it, you shouldn't show up empty handed to the party!

    Slumbrew Flagraiser IPA (Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew), Somerville, MA)

    The name says it all with this brew. What a better way to spend the 4th of July with a beer named Flagraiser IPA. Even the logo on the the beer screams July 4th.  It is a picture of a city scape with red and white stripes and the blue and white stars kind of symbolizing the American Flag on the bottle. This is a great way to celebrate the Nations birthday by drinking a beer that has the US flag in the name and it is a great tasting beer.

    Navigation Brewing Co. Pale Ale (Navigation Brewing Co. Lowell, MA)

    I love this beer and the logo of Navigation Brewing Company says it all. When I see the logo I feel like I should be on a boat. Navigation Brewing Pale Ale is 5.9% ABV so you can have more than one 22oz bottle at your July 4th cookout and not have to worry that you are going to become too out of it.

    All Day IPA (Founders Brewing Co. Grand Rapids, MI)

    The name All Day IPA does not lie, at 4.7% ABV you can almost drink this beer all day long
    . It is like drinking a nice flavor light beer from one of the bigger brewers. I really love the logo of All Day IPA which shows a car and a canoe out in the woods. Like many of you it reminds me of going on a road trip with the family in the summer or going to the lake house.

    Liberty Ale (Anchor Brewing Company San Francisco, CA)

    What can I say about this beer if Liberty Ale doesn’t scream America and July 4th to you I don’t know what to say. The logo for Liberty Ale looks like it came off of a logo of a Navy Ship. If you have Anchor Steam in your state you should be able to find this beer at your local store.

    Summertime Citra Ale (Narragansett Brewing Co. RI)

    Summertime Citra Ale reminds me of the beach and summer. Summertime Citra ale is only 4.20% ABV so you can bring it to the beach or your cookout and drink more than one and won’t be concerned that you will fall asleep before you eat your hamburger or hotdog.

    Melanoidin (New Image Brewing Arvada, CO)

    Melanoidin is a spiced imperial Stout and is 10.5% ABV. This is the one beer from this list that you want to take your time with. Better yet drink after you have eaten your meal and your patriotic sponge cake. It is a real good beer to end your day with.

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  8. At Journey To The Beer Store we are excited that one of our favorite craft brewers New Belgium Brewing Company has made its way to New England even though it is southern New England. Recently New Belgium Brewing made an announcement that it will be in the Rhode Island and Connecticut markets starting this month. I have been wanting New Belgium to come to the New England area since I first sampled it 7 plus ago on one of my first trips to Colorado. My next wish is that it makes it into the Massachusetts market.


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  9. Recently I went on vacation with my family to visit my cousin in-laws in Colorado.  I was excited to travel to Colorado since I haven’t been to Colorado to visit family for 4 years. I was also excited to visit some breweries on our visit. On other visits to Colorado we visited Coors Brewing, Avery, and Oskar Blues brew pub. On this recent trip I was hoping to visit at least 2-3 breweries while we were visiting family. I would blow that number out of the water by three times that.

    During our first few hours in Colorado our cousin Sandy asked if I wanted to visit a brewery or two in Golden which is just a short drive from their home.  I was obviously very excited that I was going to be visiting a brewery or two within my first couple of hours on our vacation. In Golden my wife April and Sandy took the kids on a walk and to get some ice cream and I was able to break off few a quick visits to two breweries. The first brewery I visited was Mountain Toad Brewing. I was excited to visit Mountain Toad Brewing since I found them on Facebook several weeks before we traveled to Colorado.  When I arrived at Mountain Toad Brewing the Tap Room was already pretty busy.  I was able to find a seat at the bar and order a beer. I don’t remember what beer I ordered as I didn’t write it down and it has been several weeks since I was at the brewery. I do know that the tap room staff was very friendly and allowed me to sample a few beers before I picked my beer.  All the beers that I sampled and the one pint of beer that I had were all really good. Mountain Toad also had an outside area where you could sit and hang out while you sampled some beers. They also have food trucks that come to the brewery on a daily basis. Before leaving I ended up getting a growler for myself and my cousins to try. It was time to meet the family at the ice cream store.

    After meeting April, Sandy and the kids at the ice cream store we walked over to Golden City
    Brewery, which is the second largest brewery in Golden. The plan was have some beers at the beer garden area, but the place was busy and the kids were getting tired, so I was able to do a quick visit and bought a growler of Evolution India Pale Ale to bring back to our cousins house.  From what I could see, Golden City Brewery looked like a fun place. It had a small tap room area where you could order beer and bring it outside to the beer garden to drink. Like I said before I think everyone in Golden had the same idea as us as the place was busy!

    Our second day in Colorado was a brewery tour day with our cousin Nick. Our first stop on our brewery tour day was Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery. Our plan was to get lunch and some beer and then be on our way to the next brewery. We arrived around 2:00 and Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery was packed. I was kind of surprised being that late in the afternoon and so many people still out for lunch. We were able to hang out at the little bar area with about 20 other people doing the same thing.  The staff was really friendly and
    they let me sample 2 oz. samples before I made a decision on what beer I wanted.  I finally decided on the XXX Pale Ale. By the time I finished my beer we got a table. For lunch I had a burrito and Nick had a steak cheese sandwich. Since my burrito was late coming out they gave me some free fries which made me think I was special but I think they gave them to almost everyone at the restaurant that day. The food and beer at Sun Mountain Pub & Brewery were great, by the time we were finished with lunch I was stuffed and we had several more breweries to visit. 

    Our next stop on our brewery tour was Boulder Beer Company located in Boulder. Boulder Beer Company is a restaurant and bar type setting. Nick and I were able to get two seats at the bar. I was so full from our late lunch I didn’t know if I could drink a full beer so I thought I would be responsible and have a sampler.  Usually a sampler at a brewery is 4-5 beers between 2-4 oz.; however this was not the situation at Boulder Beer Company.
    The sampler at Boulder Beer Company was 7 or 14 beers served at 5 oz. I decided on the 7 samplers. I pretty much had half the beers that Boulder Beer Company had on tap. It was a struggle to drink all 35 oz. of beer that I had ordered for myself. I had Nick help me finish some of the beers. Nick ended up being the smart one and having one draft beer. Who knew that would have been the better option. What was interesting was that some of the guys sitting at the bar were Boston Red Sox fans and since I am from the Boston area it made sitting at the bar a little more interesting. After we finished it was time to head to the next brewery.
    Our Next stop was Fate Brewing Company located in Boulder. I had also found them on Facebook several months prior to traveling to Colorado. Nick who went to college in Boulder frequented the building where Fate Brewing Company is located but back then it was Mexican restaurant. Fate Brewing Company inside reminded me of a high end restaurant or club rather than a brewery. They had about 10-12 beers on tap and all of them had fancy names. I had an IPA which was really good. We only stayed for one beer at Fate Brewing Company because we were late for dinner with the rest of the family.

    After dinner and before heading home Nick and I made one more stop, to Cannonball Creek Brewing Company located in Golden. I was looking forward to visiting Cannonball Creek Brewing Company because like the others I had found them also on Facebook before heading on our trip. Cannonball Creek Brewing Company had a nice big tap room with plenty of seating at the bar and around the bar and you also had the outside seating. I really liked the fact that from the bar area you had a wide open view of the brewing space.  I had the Project Alpha #8 which was an American IPA and it was really good. If you wanted some food Cannonball Creek also had a food truck at the brewery. After just eating several plates of spaghetti and meatballs I was not hungry but the food smelled good. Before heading home I bought a growler of Project Alpha and a Cannonball Creek Brewing t-shirt.

    I thought that would be the end of my brewing touring while in Colorado but to my surprise it wasn’t.  I was going to be visiting two more. The adult cousins went out for dinner in Denver while
    April’s Aunt and Uncle watched the kids. After dinner we visited Denver Beer Company. I couldn’t believe how busy Denver Beer Company was on a Sunday night.  Also dogs were welcome at the tap room as well. Many people brought their dog with them while they had a pint or two. The bar was filled and we had to wait a few minutes before a table opened up. Denver Beer Company had 11 beers on tap. My first choice was Incredible Pedal IPA I am not sure what everyone else got. My second beer was Graham Cracker Porter which was really good. After sampling Graham Cracker Porter I had a Cocoa Cream GCP and this was also really good.  After the three samples it was time to head back to Sandy and Nick’s house but before leaving Denver Beer Company I bought a variety pack of Denver Beer Company beers. My one wish was that they sold Tap Handles. I collect tap handles and liked the tap handles at Denver Beer Company but I was out of luck.

    My last visit on this vacation was New Image Brewing Company located in Arvada. When we visited New Image had only been opened for a few weeks. They had about five or so beers on tap. The Beer that I picked was East Coast Transplant which is a Vermont style double IPA, being from
    Massachusetts and visiting Vermont a lot over the past 9 years this beer was for me. East Coast Transplant was a great beer. Nick got Melanoidin which is a spiced imperial stout. Nick really enjoyed Melanoidin. The brewery tap room is a real nice space and they also have a kitchen where they have food truck vendors come in and cook. We didn’t get any food as we were eating dinner with the family at home. The staff was great and our waiter was a guy who went to college at Boston University, since I am from Boston we had a nice conversation about craft beer, Boston and the craft beer scene in the Boston area. It was also his first day on the job. We also met the General Manager who was a nice guy. Before we left I got a growler of Melanoidin to take home.

    This was a great family/beer vacation. We got to visit our family in Colorado that we haven’t visited for a few years. I was not expecting to visit 8 breweries on our 6 day vacation but I really enjoyed it. I really liked every brewery that I visited and I would need another 6 plus days to visit all the other breweries that I wanted to visit. Colorado is a great craft beer state.  I need to thank Sandy and Nick for setting up this great brewery tour vacation. I told Nick that the next time he comes back to Boston I will return the favor and take him to at least six breweries!

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  10. Original Gravity -- once described as "a classical music nerd’s slightly tipsy wet dream" -- is excited to announce the program for its third season of unique music experiences.

    Each show pairs local musical composition talent with specially-crafted artisanal beers -- the brewers will listen to the music of the composer(s) and craft a unique, never-before-released beer to be enjoyed at the event, for a special synaesthetic experience engaging taste and sound. This season will include four concerts held at a variety of locations, at both familiar, stalwart breweries as well as some fresh new faces.

    Here are some highlights from the upcoming 3rd season:

    * Musical Robots (June 17, 2016): A battleground where man's creativity struggles against our

    * Soliloquy (Fall 2016): An intimate evening of instrumental solos featuring the music of Felipe

    * Illumination (Winter 2016/17): A curated show of contemporary works by local composers at the all-new Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge.

    * Paula Matthusen (Spring 2017): Matthusen's works consider discrepancies in musical space – real, imagined, and remembered – in the re-imagined taproom of Idle Hands Craft Ales in Malden.

    Original Gravity is also planning a special 2016 satellite event on August 11 at Rising Tide Brewing

    About Original Gravity
    Curated by local pianist and composer Keith Kirchoff, Original Gravity Concert Series takes modern classical music out of the concert hall and presents it in an informal, fun environment: a brewery. Committed to the music of New England composers, the Original Gravity crew collaborates with the host brewers to design a beer specifically in tune with the artist’s work, creating a blended synchronicity of sound and zymurgy.

    Keith Kirchoff (Artistic Director) is a pianist, composer, and Vice President of the Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS). Specializing in works which combine interactive electronics with solo piano, his Electro-Acoustic Piano tour has been presented in six countries. Keith is also an accomplished homebrewer and beer connoisseur, having travelled extensively in the United States and abroad in search of the perfect pint.

    machines' extensibility, held at Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, where historical procedures and local yeast meet novel ingredients. A new beer release will be accompanied by the music and machinery of Scott Barton, Dan Tramte, Dan VanHassel and our call-for-scores winner David Ibbett.
    Company in Portland, Maine, featuring Transient Canvas and Dan VanHassel playing the works of New England composers.
    Lara, Brian Sears and our call-for-scores winner Eun Young Lee at Bone Up Brewery, Everett's newest taproom.

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