Let me start this post by saying that I was born and raised in the Boston area and continue to live in  Massachusetts. You are probably wondering what a lifelong Massachusetts resident and life long Patriots fan is doing in the Meadowland watching a Giants game. Well my wife April and her family are lifelong Giants fans and once a year my in-laws take the whole family to a Giants game. So this past weekend is the weekend we went. A little back story of when my father,  a lifelong Patriots fan, found out that the girl that I was then dating April (who became my wife) was a Giants fan. My father's first response when I told him that April was a Giants fan was of shock and then gave me shit about it.  He said you live in Mass, and out of all the girls in Massachusetts you have to find the one girl who is a Giants fan. He then told me that April being a Giants is bad news. He then went on to tell me how he hated the Giants. My response to him was the Giants are not that good and they are in the NFC so it will not be a problem. Several months later my Dad passed away, and we all know what happened in the last 5 years. The Giants have won two Superbowls both against the Patriots. If my Dad was alive today he probably would of said, first I was right you should always listen to your father and secondly he would of told me, "I told you this was bad'. Anyway I talked about non-beer stuff for too long so let's get back on topic and talk about beer.

MetLife Stadium had a pretty decent beer selection. They had good variety of both craft beer for the craft beer lover and Macro beers from the big three for the fans of Bud Light and Miller. The following are the beers I saw being sold at MetLife: Sam Adams Octoberfest, Yuengling Lager, Brooklyn Brewery lager, Dos Equis, Bud Light and Carlsberg all on tap. They also have Bud Light and Miller Lite in bottles. For the designated drivers attending the game they also had O'Douls and another non-alcoholic beer

Beer at MetLife Stadium is not cheap, you better bring your Visa card or bring a lot of cash with you to watch a game. Another idea is to have a couple beers in the parking lot before you go into the game. Numerous online reports on beer prices around the NFL listed MetLife Stadium the home of the NY Giants and NY Jets as the second highest beer prices in the NFL with an average cost of a beer at $8.75 or .55 cents an ounce. However my findings show that MetLife Stadium beer prices on average are close to $10 for a beer. I think this is just crazy but people buy the beer (I did and I bet many others fans did as well). If you been following the blog, I mentioned that Yuengling was one of my favorite beers, so I was excited to see it on tap. The first beers that April (the wife) and I bought were Yuengling. I would like to say that the prices for the premium beers on tap were not shown (or at least I didn't see it!). The total cost for 4 Yuengling was $48. That is right...to have Yuengling at a Giants/Jets game it will cost you a whopping $12. For about $22 you can get a case of Yuengling. Below you will see a picture of one of my $12 Yuenglings.

After we slowly drank our Yuenglings our next beer was Miller Lite. We thought that the Miller Lites would be better on our wallets. Miller Lite in a 16 oz bottle was $9.50. We both each had one of the Miller Lite's. During Halftime April and I got into two different lines to see if we could find the beer with an average beer price of $8.75 that was posted in several different reports on NFL beer prices. April came back with two Bud Lights in 16oz bottles which she said that cost $19.00 for two which means that one Bud Light was $9.50. I came back with with two Bud Lights in a souvenir cups that cost $20.50. Which means it was $10.25 for a single Bud Light in a souvenir glass. I was a little shocked when the woman who poured my two Bud Lights rang it in and told me it was $20.50. I asked the woman if the prices on beer went up recently? She told me that they did go up last week...go figure. Below are some more pictures of the beer and the game then my rating of the beer selection and prices.

One of the $9.50 Miller Lite's
One of my $9.50 Bud Lights.

A picture of one of my $10.25 Bud Lights in the souvenir cup...pretty fancy right?


Giants Getting ready to score a TD!


When I first saw the price of our 4 Yuenglings I was pretty shocked. I was thinking, "where was that $8.75 average price". I didn't find any beer that was under $9.50. Here are the areas that I liked about MetLife Stadium involving their beer situation: 1. I liked the beer selection. Like I stated earlier in this post I thought they had a good variety of beers for any beer fan. The craft beer fan and the macro beer fan could find a beer to drink while watching the game. 2. I liked how many beer stands there were around the concourse. You had plenty of chances to buy a beer of your choice without waiting in line for too long which is a bonus so you don't miss that much of the game. We bought beers at all different times of the game, five minutes before the game started, in the second quarter and at half-time. Every time that we went to buy a beer we never had to wait more then 3-4 minutes in line.

Now time for the dislikes. I felt at several different times when we bought beer we had no idea how much the beer was. Take for example the Yuengling's that we bought. At the beer counter or behind the counter I didn't see any prices on how much the beer was. Even though I love Yuengling I would never have spent $12 on a Yuengling. Again, when I bought the Bud Lights on draft in the souvenir glass, I had no idea that it was going to be in the souvenir glass or was given the option to have it in another glass. They also didn't show the price before you bought the beer. I didn't like this at all. I also thought the prices were really high. The price of beer was reported at $8.75 before I went to the game but in reality the prices for a beer is close to $10.

My final rating that I gave the MetLife stadium for beer selection and prices is 2.9 out 5.0. Even with the good beer selection and all of the places to get beer, the high prices and the no posting of some of the beer prices lowered the grade.


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